The Razor Tape can drive screws, fix toys and appliances, sharpen pencils, tighten a clamp or open cans and modern packaging easily and safely. It can also handle small electrical jobs, attach a license plate, repair a faucet or cut materials like plexi-glass, rubber, paper, wall board, plastic and more. Quite simply, it's the “sharpest tool in the shed” and the best tape measure multi-tool on the market today.

Why is the Razor Tape the Handiest and BEST Tape Measure on the Planet?

Razor Tape measuring

The Razor Tape has all of the best features of a high quality, modern tape measure: a wide, thick tape for long stand-out and large, easy-to-read numbers, an auto locking tape spool with safe retraction when the button is pushed. It also has a built-in, carpenter’s square and protractor which flip out when needed and fold out of site when not in use.

But what really makes the Razor Tape the best multi-tool on the planet is the razor sharp utility knife and set of three screwdrivers!

Wickedly Sharp Razor Blade Utility Knife

Razor Tape cutting

Everyone knows that razor blades are sharp! The ultra-thin razor blade cutting edge is made of high tensile, stainless steel. It’s the super thin blade (0.24 mm thick) which creates the INCREDIBLY sharp and durable blade. In fact, the Razor Tape is three times sharper than ordinary, disposable utility knives, which wear out or break quickly and are typically 0.64 mm thick.

When fully opened with the blade unsheathed, the razor knife fits ergonomically into your hand and lines up with your index finger, making it easy to use and control.

Combined with a set of three screwdrivers, the Razor Tape is clearly the best tape measure and multi-tool on the market.





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